Beijing Finance Bureau

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Beijing Finance Bureau

Beijing Finance Bureau

I . Brief Introduction of the Project

Beijing Finance Bureau (short for BFB) is responsible for Beijing’s financial revenue and expenditure, fiscal taxation policy, financial supervision, an administration institution management of state owned property of the city hall.  

II . Features

To response the national information construction, BFB built a HD conference system. This system equipped a 24 inches screen, and the machine room has 8 monitor screens to produce numerous signals and formats. And the other two HD video conference systems plus one SD video conference system have very high demand of the transmission speed.  

FigConference room of Beijing Finance Bureau

III. Advantages
  1. “0”sec seamless switching.  This project uses the S-MIX 72*72 modular matrix to achieve the best switching performance with the“0”sec seamless switching technology, so the three video conference system among BFB can be perfectly switching without blue screen and black field. 
 2. “ANY-TO-ANY”Patent. The S-MIX series modular matrix use the HDMI video technology to achieve the HDCP and EDID functions,  so all the HDMI signals can plug and play without delay. And we use the HDMI private wire to transmit the HDMI signals. The S-MIX series modular matrix support any signals in and out, the analog signals like VGA/YPBPR/CVBS and digital signals like HDMI/DVI/3GSDI can be switched arbitrarily. The resolution can be adjusted accordingly from the 1080P@60Hz to the 800X600, the HD conference system and the SD conference system can be worked perfectly together.
3. Dual power backup,  it works 24*7.

FigConnecting Diagram


IV. Benefit.

The three video conference systems among the BFB can be perfectly switching after this project is done, with one modular matrix, the BFB can totally control the all the finance info and the data with less fault spot and more security. And it help to improve the management level of the bureau from the budgeting, expenditure, accounting data of the financial fund to the division communication and report to thesuperiors.