Qingdao Shandong Environmental

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Qingdao Shandong Environmental

Qingdao Shandong Environmental

The rapid development of information technology, the requirement of the  communication system of the industry continues to improve, as  an important role in the environmental protection system, the environmental protection bureau system undertakes the important work of environmental protection, environmental monitoring, a city environmental protection bureau, located in the coastal Peninsula region, according to the need of environmental protection system, all the branches scattered in all over the city, traffic is inconvenience, so in daily meetings and training system training it carries out more difficult, the work efficiency can't be  improved

Purpose and Features
A City Environmental Protection Bureau has two meeting rooms of the signal transmission distance is about 150, the input  signal have camera, s-table, HD player, Polycom video terminal, output signal have display, projector, TV etc.. The establish of this video conference can make the City Environmental Protection Bureau realize efficient communication, to meet the daily work system training, enhanced the effective management of subordinate units.

This project is designed to use two Kensence 16x16 N-Mix matrix. The N-Mix series is network asymmetric modular matrix designed based on  Kensence unique Linx-Net  audio, video and control network processing technology. The input and output interface are all used in the form of RJ45, with enhanced transceiver, can achieve a variety of signal input and output convert and switch, but also  achieve a variety of remote signal transmission.

The  conference room on the third floor and fourth  floor is  common meeting room for customers, there are dozens of people even more than a hundred people join it ,so the meeting room space is greatly limited, it  need projector  to display output signal, its signal transmission requires efficient transmission and digital and analog format need to be converted to random.

According to the characteristics of this project, we make the system design as shown below:

Network office based on video conference
After the completion of  video conference system, it can undertake the environmental protection agency and the subordinate units of  various regional units, and communication between various departments, to achieve the purpose of remote office.

Through this system, it achieves real-time multimedia meeting between the multi - functional, multi - audio, video, data sharing and other aspects of the exchange, N-Mix 16X16  matrix can provide a complete switch function, the use and operation is very convenient.
Remote training based on video conference
After the completion of the system, the environmental protection agency and all levels of units, can use remote training video system, besides voice, video communication, but also use the data provided by  system to share data features, text sharing, transmission and  communication. This training can explain the illustrations, hit off in remote distance, and   is one of the most efficient and economical and practical choice to convey file technology promotion,  improve  the quality of personnel, knowledge popularization.

In the training process, training instructors can share a variety of Office documents (such as PowerPoint, Word, etc.), electronic text file (Acrobat), graphics animation (Gif, Flash) and video files (such as AVI file) to all the staff to participating in the training, and guide them to watch these materials or information.
Customer benefits
Thanks to N-Mix matrix's outstanding performance in the video conference system, and high efficiency, improved visual effect ,saved travel cost it brought, it received  a great recognition by Environmental Protection Bureau and it’s leaders. Customer's recognition is our greatest power, we will always work in  the purpose of innovation, serve  for customers to make unremitting efforts in order to create more advanced video matrix products for our customers.