3GSDI to universal signal converter

3GSDI-TO-HSDA is a powerful converter that converts 3GSDI signals into CVBS, YPBPR, VGA, DVI, HDMI signals, device output using DVI-I interface, VGA signal output via DVI to VGA adapter, YPBPR The signal is output through the DVI to YPBPR adapter, the CVBS is output through the DVI to CVBS adapter, and the analog sound is output using the 3.5mm interface. The input interface of the device adopts the BNC interface, which supports one channel of SDI signal input and one signal loop. The device adopts the patented signal conversion technology, supports deinterlacing technology, supports 3D noise reduction, and can adjust the details of the image. The product can adjust the output resolution and support common resolution output. Support Advanced features such as image inversion. The converter can automatically recognize the type of signal output, and can be intelligently converted. The operation is very simple, and can be widely applied to various audio and video places, such as broadcast television, video conferencing, notice system, security monitoring and the like.

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