Multi-screen splicing processor

Multi-screen multi-window image splicing processor is a professional high-end full HD image splicing processing device, which can display multiple dynamic real-time images simultaneously on multiple display terminals. The products are mainly used in smart cities, smart campuses, smart agriculture, Digital urban management, rail transit, simulated combat command system, education and teaching, medical industry, science and technology exhibitions and many other fields. This product adopts large-scale FPGA array combined processing architecture, full hardware card design, and combines high-bandwidth video signal acquisition, real-time high-resolution digital image processing, two-dimensional high-order digital filtering and other high-end image processing technologies. Powerful processing capability can fundamentally guarantee full real-time processing of all input video without delay and no frame loss. Can support multiple types of analog or digital signal source input modes, such as VGA/RGB, YPBPR, CVBS, DVI/HDMI, HD-SDI/3G-SDI, fiber optics, etc., and can automatically detect signal input status, input image resolution Supports almost all common resolutions today, and digital video supports 1080P HD signals. Support DVI/HDMI output mode, output resolution supports all common resolutions. The output image not only has excellent image quality, but also adds many functions, such as dynamically adjusting the window size, roaming window, overlay window, etc. Each input of the splicer can be resized and positioned at any position on the screen, and the display mode is almost Without any restrictions, it is possible to move windows in real time, dynamically, and resize windows.

Model : MVP-500/1000/2000/4000PLUS
Price : Discuss personally