S-MIX-E Series

S-MIX series matrix is seamless switching HD audio and video mixing matrix promoted by KENSENCE based on years of accumulation of AV processing and switching technique. No black field(2-10s generally)happens during switching is the most outstanding feature of this matrix. It realizes seamless switching indeed. S-MIX series matrix adopts single-modular input/output design, and one card represents one kind of signal. This help users to realize the most effective configuration and make the best use of resource. S-MIX series matrix supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI,HDMI, DVI,VGA,YPBPR,CVBS,reticle,optical fiber,wireless signals input, supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI,HDMI,DVI,VGA,YPBPR,CVBS,reticle,optical fiber,wireless signals output, and all input/output supports random seamless switching. This matrix also supports Hot Swapping,easy to operate. S-MIX series matrix supports audio signal input/output. It enables the analog audio to be embedded into HDMI signal, and the digital audio in HDMI signal to be de-embedded to analog audio. It supports synchronous audio/video switching.

Model : S-MIX-E88/1818/3232/7272
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