A Ji Nan Military Training Base

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A Ji Nan Military Training Base

A Ji Nan Military Training Base

Beijing KENSENCE  succeed in serving  for  Jinan Military Region, a training base  with leading technology and excellent quality , whose  high-definition video conferencing system use our  fiber mixing matrix SF-Mix144X144.

Fig.Command Room


Project overview

The militaries' requirements to  video conference quality  is as strict as training  from all aspects of the problem (performance, function, stability, development, etc.). There are a lot of signals in the army, signal sources and the number of display devices are more than 110, and a wide variety of signals (including VGA, YPBPR, SDI, DVI, CVBS), and the military signal transmission distance is far, the whole building signals are required interoperability. The most important point is that the stability of the system must be  very high. So We recommended  fiber mixing  matrix SF-Mix144*144 to meet customer's needs.

Application Example of Kensence Fiber Mixing Matrix SF-Mix

Fiber transmission

Fiber design strongly protect  signal from interferencing, it is medium transmission instead of the line and  the farthest transmission distance is 80 km, HD digital signal transmit  without compression and the image is not distorted, very accurate and efficient. After using fiber, original source  or display device does not need rewiring, which  is more convenient for  project maintenance.

Advantage  of  main road  fiber matrix

 Fiber matrix  avoid the problem of crosstalk between adjacent channels of main road (above 64*64), resulting in the decrease of image quality caused by the decrease of S/N, ensure that the performance of the system is not decreased, which greatly improves the system stability.

 All-fiber switching technology

The VSC all-fiber switching technology, high stability switches ensure the matrix  operating normally   in long-term meeting so that  in military command, video signal switch without black field,blue screen and delay.

Provide customers with a variety of backup ability

All-fiber design can provide multiple backup function scheme of the whole system,we only need to do the redundancy of the optical fiber jumper, which makes the effective protection of the meeting without interruption under various emergencies .

Arbitrary resolution adjustment

HSDA signal adaptive technology make all the signals in the project compatible with the system to realize centralized management. Through the fiber  receiver menu  to adjust the output signal format manually , the fiber transmitter has the adaptive function of the input signal to support arbitrary resolution and no need to manually adjust,  facilitating the replacement of new equipment for old  without the need to rewire. 

Customer benefits

The use of fiber transmission, greatly reduced the complexity of the installation and debugging, and made redundant for the future upgrade. Product stability and switching effect has won praise of customers, and besides the stability of the systemit also  provide a variety of backup scheme, providing customers with the most satisfactory service. Kensence also made a bellwether for a number of domestic road fiber matrix.


Kensence realizes intelligent office experience with the leading technology, the perfect application scheme, earnest service for Civil Air Defense Office of Chongqing .